Artist: Tommy Tee

Instrumentals Vol.2LPTEEINSTR-02?Tee Productions
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Instrumentals Vol.312"?Tee Productions
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Floor Rockin'Ukjent1995Ukjent
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Beasts from the East vol. 1Ukjent1996Ukjent
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Beasts from the East vol. 3Ukjent1997Ukjent
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Beasts from the East vol. 2Ukjent1997Ukjent
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T & D Basement HitsCD1997Tee Productions
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Bonds Beats and BeliefsCD | DigitalTEECD00031998Tee Productions
1Bonds Intro1:38
2International Connects3:29
3The Reply3:33
5So Fantastic3:10
6Blood Rush3:55
7The Conjuction4:15
8Takin Ova US Version3:59
10Primoz II3:22
11That's My Fucking Word!1:16
12It's All True3:52
15Hip Hop Love4:53
16Day by Day4:49
17Defenders of the North Sea3:13
18Crown Holders4:05
20Takin Ova3:51

It's All TrueCDs | DigitalTEES10041998Tee Productions
1It's All True [Featuring Cod Crew With Debbie Dro]3:53
2Takin Ova Part 2 [Featuring Warlocks, Diaz, Opaque, N-Light-N And Fa]3:25
3Dance In The Darkness [Featuring Craig G And Will Pack]5:15
4It's All True [Instrumental]4:24
5Takin Ova Part 2 [Instrumental]3:26
6Dance In The Darkness [Instrumental]5:12

Takin' OvaCDsTEES10031998Tee Productions
1Takin Ova (Main Pass)3:52
2Takin Ova (Instrumental)3:42
3Takin Ova (TV)3:45

SchpaaaCDsTEEPRO 0061998Tee Productions
1 Main pass3:26
2 Instrumental3:13

Crossing BordersCDs | 12"12":TEE1201, cds:TEES10071999Tee Productions
1Crossing Borders (Main)4:03
2Crossing Borders (TV)4:02

Day by day/International Connects12"1999GuessWhyld
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Instrumentals Vol.1LPTEEINSTR-011999Tee Productions
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World Renown12"GW 5011999Tee Productions & GuessWhyld
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ScandalnaviaCDs | 12"TEEPRO 10202000Tee Productions
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ScandalNavia Vol. 1CDTEECD 00072000Tee Productions
1 Scandalnavia feat. Ayo, Ken, Petter, ADL, Eye N´I, Tjes Boogie, Clemens, Mass, Elastinen, N-Light-N, Diaz, Opaque, Tech-Rock, Jester, Jørg14:32
2 Off Men & Mics feat. Promoe & Timbuktu3:45
3 §#''__! feat. Ken & Ayo3:12
4 For the Right Price (CPH Remix) feat. Diaz,Clemens & Tjes Boogie3:34
5 What They Got feat. N-Light-N3:40
6 Bucka Bucka feat. MC Clemens2:54
7 En av Fem feat. Kevin & Mae4:00
8 Va' på Din Vakt Trippel Ett feat. Thomas Rusiak4:44
9 Believe That feat. Funk Flush4:27
10 Sky's the Limit feat. Warlocks3:01
11 Spelet Är Slut feat. Profilen3:58
12 De E Knas feat. The Latin Kings4:20
13 Faen feat. Tungtvann3:55
14 Jag Älskar Min Stad feat. Ken Ring3:20
15 Defenders Part. 2 feat. Diaz, Thomas Rusiak, N-Light-N & PeeWee3:16
16 Hvordan_ feat. DJ Noize, Mass & Tegnedrængen3:41
17 Asfaltevangeliet feat. Gatas Parlament3:12
18 Proletarian Kingz feat. Opaque, Ken3:43
19 Så Klart Skandinavisk Remix feat. Petter, Diaz & Clemens4:01
20 This Be feat. 3.5 & Clark GIlliam3:42
21 Tommy Tee featuring Petter & Diaz - Crossing Borders3:49

H.E.A.T. Volume 1CD2002Ukjent
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H.E.A.T. Volume 2CD2002Ukjent
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H.E.A.T. Volume 3CD2002Ukjent
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Whats Your Name12"TEEUS0112042002Tee Productions
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H.E.A.T. Volume 4CD2003Ukjent
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H.E.A.T. Volume 5CD2003Ukjent
0noora noor - h.e.a.t 5 intro2:06
0ludacris - chicken and beer intro3:04
0g-unit - keep talking3:17
0black moon - looking down the barrel3:39
0chingy - h.e.a.t freestyle (produced by tommy tee)1:37
0alicia keys ft. nas and rakim - ny state of mind4:15
0kanye west ft. dirt mcgirt - keep the receipt2:44
0eastsidaz - parkin lot pimpin3:33
0frank n dank - alright3:14
0cnn ft. pharell - comin at ya3:31
0rah diggah ft. missy and eve - party and bullshit 2003 (remix)3:09
0son of light - gossip folks freestyle1:14
0g-unit - phat2:55
0youngbloodz ft. ludacris lil jon and bonecrusher - damn (remix)4:36
0red cafe ft. busta rhymes - blackout3:38
0mad con - big things2:39
0ken - h.e.a.t freestyle1:06
0talib kweli - foolin yourself3:10
0timbuk and chords - h.e.a.t freestyle (produced by tommy tee)2:01
0hieroglyphics - heatish3:56
0boo yaa tribe ft. short chop - heated4:45
0jj - h.e.a.t freestyle0:54
0street mass - h.e.a.t freestyle0:58
0diaz - dra te sies4:35
0jae-r - h.e.a.t freestyle2:19
0bestruck - hello darkness (produced by tommy tee)2:47
0craig g - nrs freestyle (bonus track)1:50

Back To Work - The Official TP Mixtape Vol. 1CDTEECD00122004Tee Productions
1Back to work0:46
2Ken & Tshawe - Jalla jalla3:52
3Noora Noor - My best friend3:14
4Son of light - We2:55
5The Loudmoyf Choir - Masquerade4:45
6AG & Party Arty - Employees of the year2:18
7Ken w Loudmouf - Rikets tilstånd1:22
8Tommy Tee ft Chingy, Vinny & Diaz - Live to learn3:25
9Craig G - Exercise4:11
10COD Crew - Dirty Heist1:13
11Diaz - Kronen3:34
12Kevin - Samma det2:40
13Gatas Parlament w Don Martin - Rackers Delight4:14
14Diaz ft Ken & Petter - Stikking STHLM4:02
15Mr Devious, Ken Ring, Clemens, Son of light, Tjes Boogie & Dj Ready D - Capeflats5:06

BB BerättelsenCDsTEES 10172004Tee Productions
1BB Berättelsen (Album Version)3:12
2BB Berättelsen (Instrumental)3:32
3BB Gitta Dä4:46

H.E.A.T. The Final ChapterCD2004Ukjent
0heat xclusives intro - noora noor0:38
0cam n ali - tryin 2 catch the heat3:24
0karpe diem - ooooohh2:34
0ken and tahawe - hvorfor1:36
0simon divine ft. tech rock and karma - fucked up4:16
0jo jo pellegrino - back in oslo heat 31:58
0part arty ft. ag and el the sensei - heat 42:39
0jae-r - heat xclusives xclusiv3:24
0chingy- freestyle heat 51:33
0diaz ft. madcon and son of light - intro heat 43:38
0tungtvann - langfingern3:05
0son of light - gossip folks1:11
0freakshow - heat 43:05
0noora noor - c.r.e.a.m1:37
0whimsical - learn korean1:45
0mass - heat 50:56
0timbuk and chords - as high as it goes heat 52:00
0jaa9 and onkl p - heat 42:56
0ken - braja1:24
0phenomena 3 - heat 42:43
0vinni and kapricon - live form the vatican2:10
0son of light - mic is playing tricks on me1:27
0the loudmouf choir - cause i need it heat 42:10
0jay jay - its had being the jay heat 50:49
0krondon - made u look heat 31:42
0large pro - freestyle heat 51:15
0craig g - nrs freestyle heat 51:38
0noelle - back in the days2:44
0diaz - heat 61:27
0kevin heat 11:04
0kleen cut - heat 10:57
0gatas parlament and promoe - f.e.m.i.n.i.s.t3:48
0ken - the most beatifullest thing heat 61:39

H.E.A.T. Volume 6CD2004Ukjent
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Tommy Tycker Om MejCD | DigitalTEECD 00152005Ukjent
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Golden Era vol.1CD2006Ukjent
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Gimme DatCDs2006Tee Productions
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Absolute Music TeeCD2007Tee Productions
2TP Allstars - KGL4:35
3Jesse Jones - Tyshar3:36
4Sean Price Featuring Rock & The Loudmouf Choir - Church3:44
5Ken Ring Featuring Joell Ortiz, Steele, J-Sweet & Proof - Ta Det Lugnt (US Remix)3:35
6Grafh - Booom2:39
7A-Lee - Nah Mafucka1:40
8Smif N Wessun - Love The Grind2:30
9Son Of Light - Fresh 081:35
10Ken Ring - Softa3:24
11Jojo Pelligrino - Hands Down4:05
12The Loudmouf Choir - Hard Talk2:00
13Sean Price & Black Moon - Its A Shame5:15
14Shugga - Those3:30
15Bestruck - Hello Darkness52:43
16Mike Zoot - Please Listen To My Demo3:08
17Ken Ring Featuring Jesse Jones, Critical, The Loudmouf Choir & A-Lee - Ta Det Lugnt (Oslo Remix)3:00
18MOP - Muddy Waters3:19
19AG & Tech Rock- Yeah Nigga2:13
20Klyngemup Clan - Click3:29
21Afu Ra - What_1:22
22Don Martin & Dotten - Politiet Har Alltid Rett3:12
23Commercial Break1:10
24MadCon, A-Lee, Son Of Light & The Loudmouf Choir - TP Chronicles4:23

No studio no time - the waitCD | DigitalTEECD00162007Tee Productions
2Shut up!3:35
3Stack paper3:42
4What is it?4:31
5Norwegian Fever2:49
7Beats me4:01
8Yup yup3:46
9Talk Cheap2:55
10You got What i Need4:28
11Overseas With Officials2:54
12Get Little3:59
13One of the Best4:01
14Son & Pops3:25
15Above Da Law4:22
16What's Your Name3:06

3 The hard way - the EP movementCDep | DigitalCCD0382008C+C Records
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DrabantUkjent2008Tee Productions
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3 the Hard Way: Oslo EPDigital2008Tee Productions
2Two Much3:41
3Eveybody Knows3:22
4Off That2:58
5Tick (We Go Off)3:10
6Ut Å Apraye4:08

3 the Hard Way: New YorkDigital2008Tee Productions
2Go Gold3:41
3Headbanger Boogie3:47
4Holy Shine3:13

3 the Hard Way: StockholmDigital2008Tee Productions
2That Ain't My Style3:44
4Who's That Lazee?3:05

No pain no profit Norge rundt: Blodbyen editionCDep | DigitalTEEPS002CD2009Tee Productions
1Først Og Fremst4:01
2Blodbyen Massive5:26
3Tørk Tåren4:36
4Byen Under Skyen4:39

Studio TimeCD | DigitalTEECD00202009Tee Productions
1Meet The Legends (ft. Bun B & Supa Sayed)4:56
2Keep Talking (ft. Madcon & Alee, Loudmouf, Helèn Eriksen og Noora Noor)3:15
3About That Girl (ft. Tshawe, CL Smooth & Son of Light)3:15
4With The Fam (ft. Diamond D & Devin the Dude)3:46
5On Da Corner (ft. Supa Sayed)3:22
6Work For Me (ft. Mira Craig)3:47
7Naughty Bizness (ft. Foreign Beggars & The Loudmouf Choir)3:27
8Must Be Strong (ft. AG)3:45
9A Better Day (ft. Noora Noor)3:53
10G-Optified (ft. Saigon & The Loudmuf Choir)3:25
11Don't Fucc Around (ft. M.O.P.)3:20
122 Hapy Campers (And A Party-Pooper) (ft. The Loudmouf Choir)4:58
13I'm A Fuckin Star (ft. Kool Keith)2:55
14Music Is The Message (ft. Tshawe, Ken Ring, Karma, Tech Rock, Diaz, Son of Light, Critical, The Loudmouf Choir, Jesse Jones, Lars Vaular, Sam E, Stor, Pato Pooh, Magdi, Chicosepoy, Gest, Don Martin and Foreign Beggars)7:13
15Studio Time3:35

Drabant (Kjendis Remix)Ukjent2009Tee Productions
1Drabant (Kjendis Remix) [feat. Jesse Jones, Chirag & Vinni]3:04

20TeeGratis Nedlasting2010Tee Productions
1Teddy Touch Intro1:26
2Ken Ring -Kör På2:35
3Tommy Tee - Gimme Dat (ft. Stat Quo, Rah Digga & Young Zee)4:39
4A.G - Yeah Nigga2:21
5Ken Ring - Måste Seja Hei3:05
6Diaz - For The Right Price (ft. Channel Live)1:49
7Jesse Jones - For Rett Pris (Souldrop Remix)2:48
8Tommy Tee - Aerosoul2:00
9M.O.P - Muddy Waters2:13
10Son Of Light - Euphony (You Phony)2:00
11Diaz - Primoz III (ft. Son Of Light & Father Blanco)2:17
12Opaque - Slicker Than Grease2:15
13TP Allstars - The Mudstained Troubadour (ft. Opaque)2:36
14TP Allstars - World Renown (ft. Pete Rock, Mike Zoot, Large Pro & AG)3:34
15Tommy Tee - Day By Day (ft. Talib Kweli, Punchline, Words & A.L.)4:41
16Tommy Tee - Blood Rush (ft. F.T. & P Dap)3:19
17Loudmouf Choir - Lavatory3:38
18Son Of Light - S.O.L.2:28
19Tommy Tee - Kæz (ft. Madcon)2:46
20Tommy Tee - With The Fam (ft. Diamond D & Devin the Dude)2:45
21Loudmouf Choir - Even More Difficultier To Understand (ft. Sean Price)4:48
22Son Of Light - War Of The Words (Prequel)4:03

Top TeeGratis Nedlasting2010Tee Productions
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