Artist: Young L

Crossing Borderz vol.2 Norwegian DefenseCD?Ukjent
1Tier'n - CB2_ND Intro0:19
2Hooga Troopers Feat Ukjente U - Monkey Island4:21
3Nils m_Skils, Rissimo, Jan The Man, Skranglebein & Katastrofe - CB2_ND Exclusive4:05
4Ville V feat Smart9000 - Kjenn Bassen5:09
5Tommy O Feat. Queen Natty - Sign3:36
6Tonna Brix Feat. Bøstefar - Ikke Lett3:33
7Lars - CB2_ND Skit1:47
8Cam Feat. Pumba - CB2_ND Exclusive2:26
9Optik Feart. Sani-N & RSP - Lag Litt Vei!4:40
10Frosk & Gimmik - CB2_ND Exclusive2:32
11Oral Bee Feat. HI-Q - I'm a Baus Baus3:30
12F'em One - CB2_ND Exclusive3:07
13Tungvann Feat. Dobbel Dose3:30
14Gutta På Skauen Feat. Dizney Killer & Apropos - Gutta Ruller Opp5:02
15Smart9000 & Clark F - Min Venn3:39
16Onkl P - Hold Kjeft4:20
17Vågsbygd Handy - Hverdagsninja ORIGINAL3:50
18Bad Spit Feat. Grotesk - Det Stinke Pess Hær3:05
19Lars - CB2_ND Outro2:06
20Shazaam - CrackRap 1012:48

Dj Rooftop & Young L - Stay FocusedGratis Nedlasting?Ukjent
1Stay Focused Intro0:30
2Z to The I Freestyle (Produced by Drewski)1:10
3Stay Focused Monster Drop0:36
4Monster Pt 1. (Produced by Dewski)2:56
5Warrior ft. Fame $ity3:17
6Baby Come Back ft Rokfa & GT Garza (Produced by Nicks of Pitch Brown)3:47
7Stuck ft. Pitch Brown3:47
8Can't Touch My Steez (Produced by Zilla)4:27
9Monster Pt. 2 (Produced by Moonshine)2:28
10Hip Hop (Produced by BranchBoiz)3:26
11Telescope ft. Dolemic (Produced by BranchBoiz)3:46
12Stay Focused "Fake DJ" Drop0:38
13Disrespect Me ft. Dolemic & GT Garza2:48
14Slow The Beat Down (Produced by JRisko Productions)2:22
15How We Do It "RMX" ft. GT Garza & Charmillionaire4:26
16What's The Use3:12
17Chillin With A Boss ft GT Garza (Produced by Steve-O Valdez)3:03
1844 Magnum Freestyle2:06
20Pop My Trunk "RMX" ft Wine-O2:23
21Look At My Kicks ft. SWAT Product (Produced by Simes "Nasty" Carter)3:49
22Warning Shot Pt. 11:18
24Stay Focused Monster Drop 21:07
25Warning Shot Pt. 21:26
26One More Time2:40
27Zilla Vs. The Are (Produced by The Are)4:01
28Stay Focused Monster Outro0:38

Dj Rooftop and Dj Young L Stay Focused: RainGratis Nedlasting?Ukjent
1Intro: Rain
2She Got It
4Interlude: Rain
5Big Dreams
6Oh Baby
7Scream (prod by the Inkrediblez)
8Interlude: Rain
9Summer 08
11Hustle Hard
12Go Grazy
13You Aint Ready
15Official Girl ft. Cassie
16Can You Feel It (prod by Hot Track)
17Disco Life
18Interlude - Rated-R
19Play Later ft. Rated-R
20See You Smile
21I'm Me
22CD Changer (prod by Street Fab)
23Paper Touchin
24Cruel Summer (prod by Concrete Muzik)
25Official (ft. Spaz)
27Dunn Dunn It All ft. Traffic & D-Murda
28Outro: Rain

Young L & HecklerHouse Presents: HOMIE ALONe Vol. 1Gratis Nedlasting?Ukjent
1Young L & 50 Cent - Intro
2Young Dre The Truth Feat. E-40 & Nate Dogg - Can't Be Faded (Prod. J.R. Rotem)
3Jim Jones - Now I Can Do That
4Remy Ma - When I See Her
5Flame The Young Vet Feat. Pusha T & Nucci Reyo - Back At Ya (Prod. TrackSlayerz)
6Area - Upgrade You're Freestyle [Exclusive]
7Yung Squad - Future Of Fame
8Webbz Feat. Flo Rida - Helluva Day
9Flame The Young Vet - Block Movin (Prod. Cellz) [Exclusive]
10Adam Tensta Feat. Eboi - Dopeboy (Prod. Howard Who & Major Factors)
11Bash Bros Feat. Luckyiam - Joy Riden (Prod. Living Legends)
12Killer [SKIT]
13J-Spliff - Something Else (Prod. PayShir) [Exclusive]
14Three 6 Mafia Feat. UGK - On Sum Chrome (R.I.P. PIMP C)
15TRiPsleezy - No Drama [Exclusive]
16Rick Ross Feat. R. Kelly & Chris Brown - Speedin REMIX
17Flame The Young Vet Feat. Nucci Reyo - Classic (Prod. Cellz) [Exclusive]
18Azilla - The Trips Been Long (Prod. Kookie)
19The Beatnuts - Do You Believe (Soul Theory Remix)
20LeToya Feat. UGK, Killa Kyleon & Slim Thug - Swagger
21Negash Ali - You Never Know
22Young L & Just Blaze Outro

Young L Presents: Shazaam - Sulten Mixtape (Hungrig - The Norwegian Edition)Gratis Nedlasting?Ukjent
1Hungrig vs. Sulten (Intro)
2Hojta på din Pojke!
4Jag är rappare
5Crackle Feat. Ri-Fa
6Im a King
7Crackrap 101
9WOW! (Frekkest i Kjeften) Feat. Lars Rubix & Jack Daniels
10Tay Tay Dat Dude 24bars
11Rim & Reson
12Svorsk Cypher prt. 1 Feat. Makaber & Mike
13Freezylocc 16bars
14Favoriter Feat. Tay Tay Dat Dude
15Kan du känna de? Feat. Cam & Pumba
16Shazaam (Guestappearances)
17Du Borde Veta Nu (Soul Theory Remix)
18Hungrig Feat. Freezylocc (Hkon Remix)
19Intressant Inte Sant Feat. Tay Tay Dat Dude
20Young L Speaks! (Outro)