Artist: Thomax

The REMIX Files Vol.1Gratis Nedlasting2007Ukjent
1intro - dtfn (nujabes + cise starr)4:21
2sunshine (l da headtoucha + raw dukes + k slaughta)3:08
3tears on my pillowcase (taskforce)3:40
4the king0:48
5heavy metal kings (jedi mind tricks + ill bill)3:44
6come again (saigon)3:10
7pillowcase reprise1:23
8plastic world (doujah raze)4:00
9your brothers0:40
10wishing (edo.g + masta ace)3:15

The REMIX Files Vol.2Gratis Nedlasting2007Ukjent
1looptroop radio (looptroop)4:07
2sixteen bars of paz (vinnie paz)1:42
3rocketships (one be lo)2:40
4nothing now1:54
5evol (wordsworth masta ace)4:09
6sixteen bars of sparks (maylay sparks)1:45
7love ntrld0:39
8they call it (atmosphere)4:56
9the storm (procussions)3:40

The REMIX Files Vol.3Gratis Nedlasting2008Ukjent
1samobójstwo i1:05
21985 born to live (o.c.)1:47
3genghis khan (jus allah)0:53
4appreciation (l da headtoucha)2:18
5fort europa (promoe)1:27
6samobójstwo ii1:01
7black christmas (army of the pharaohs)4:41
8understand if i (freestyle)2:30
9tomorrow (murs)2:35
10samobójstwo iii0:41
11snakk nu (kompani 69)4:17

The REMIX Files Vol.4Gratis Nedlasting2008Ukjent
0return to the0:34
0can it be (murs)2:32
0god of thunder (virtuoso)4:13
0black snow (ill bill + apathy)2:57
0since 850:37
0so alone (l da headtoucha c-od)3:03
0day by day (wordsworth + a.l. + talib kweli + punchline)4:55
0can it be ii (murs)2:50

The REMIX Files Vol.5Gratis Nedlasting2010Ukjent
1dark lives part 51:02
2bars of the jacker (canibus)3:05
324 bars of paz1:37
4war goin on (keepers of the light rakaa iriscience)3:23
5living in darkness0:48
6get me outta here (reef the lost cauze)3:21
7the hole (p.o.w.) (sick jacken)2:32
8when i close my eyes1:00
9tide of life (cyne)3:03
10i am (bekay)3:44

The REMIX files Vol.6Gratis Nedlasting2011Ukjent
1Kapitel Sechs0:26
2Can't Leave Rap Alone REMIX (Apathy + Celph Tilted + Ryu of Styles of Beyond)3:57
3Street Wars REMIX (Vinnie Paz)0:59
4Drag You To Hell REMIX (Vinnie Paz)4:14
5Step It Up REMIX (Supastition)2:30
6Crystal Stair REMIX (Smif-N-Wessun + Talib Kweli)4:02
7I Remember REMIX (Apathy)3:06
8Rhythm of the Rain REMIX (Kno + Thee Tom Hardy + Tunji of Inverse)4:08
9Faen REMIX (Tungtvann)4:01

Instrumentals #1 (A Charity Project)Digital | Gratis Nedlasting2011Ukjent
1Travelled Far (Demo Beat)1:28
2Crystal Stair Remix (Instrumental)4:14
3Wishing Remix (Instrumental)3:16
4Le Combat (Demo Beat)2:01
5Fort Europa Remix (Instrumental)1:28
6Rocketships Remix (Instrumental)2:35
7Drag You To Hell Remix (Instrumental)4:17
8I Remember Remix (Instrumental)3:25
9La Foi (Demo Beat)0:52
10Evol Remix (Instrumental)3:54
11Step It Up Remix (Instrumental)2:35
12Street Wars Remix (Instrumental)0:59
13Matumaini (Demo Beat)1:27
14They Call It Remix (Instrumental)3:53
15So Alone Remix (Instrumental)3:02

The REMIX Files Vol.7Gratis Nedlasting2012Ukjent
1Fire For The People REMIX (Blue Scholars)4:38
2Nothingness Interlude0:40
3Feel It REMIX (Braille)3:45
4La Saga REMIX (IAM + Timbo King)3:23
5Street Wars ll REMIX (Vinnie Paz + Clipse)2:28
6Permanent Standby REMIX (Felt: Slug & Murs)3:57
7Ghost Dance Deluxe REMIX (Felt: Slug & Murs)3:24