Artist: The White Shadow of Norway

Back to the true school / Retarded Loonatick Brakez12"UC-120012003Uncut
1Plans To Blow
3Extra Thug Sauce
4Nyt & Graffiti
5Retarded Loonatick Brakez

1Renegades (Intro)1:27
2Action Ft. Supastition & Rake One3:44
3Solid Ft. Maylay Sparks3:52
4Hip Hop Is Me Ft. Infinito 20173:34
5No Sell Out Ft. Mic Stylz & The Pizdamen4:10
6Extra Thug Sauce Ft. Guttamouf, Majik Most & Celph Titled4:35
7Pimp Strut Ft. The Rysty P's & The Pizdamen4:12
8When Facts Remain Ft. Infinito 20173:25
9Plans To Blow Ft. Grand Agent3:29
10ROll Out #2 (Ruff Original) Ft. D-Stroy & Gr8 Skot4:38
11For The People Ft. Wordsworth & Strange Brew3:09
12Extra Thug Sauce (J-Zone Remix) Ft. J-Zone, Guttamouf, Majik Most & Celph Titled4:39
13El In Tune With Nature Ft. Infinito 20173:30
14Simple Ft. Azem & The Architech3:01
15Glock Whore (Uncut Version) Ft. The Longshot4:24

1Without a Shadow of a Doubt3:35
2Sick Rhymes3:11
5The East Coast3:57
6LA California3:41
7Bringin' It Back Part 23:25
8That's That Shit3:40
9Obey the Sensei3:51
10Sick With It2:59
11Word Hard, Play Hard3:23
12Playtime's Over3:34
13Grand Slam4:00
14Hatin' Me3:37
15The Wizard3:37

1Without A Shadow Of A Doubt3:34
2That's That Shit3:28
4Roll Out1:56
6My Contribution4:13
8Narrow Grave2:48
9Peep The Technique3:52
11Nut & Graffiti2:18
12Glock Whore3:31
13Gather Around2:24
14Rap Thugs3:37
15Plans To Blow2:16
16Sick Rhymes3:18
17Bringin' It Back3:37
18Pimp Strut2:25
19The Wizard3:40
20Extra Thug Sauce2:42
22Dear Abbey2:45
24The Method2:10
25No Sell Out2:07

1The Rap Game (Ft. Melle Mel)5:44
2Dark Side (Ft. Seven)4:02
3It's The Crew Again (Ft. Sadat X, and Khb)i4:23
4Before (Ft. Awkword, Block Mc.Cloud, and Pace Won)3:59
5Gotta Do (Ft. Bawston Strangla)3:27
6Victory (Ft. Craig G, The Grindhouse Gang, and Strick of EMC)4:31
7All My Friends (Ft. The Pizdamen)4:07
8Verbal Assault (Ft. Ide, and Alucard)3:48
9Classic Regulations (Ft. Infinito 2017)3:07
10Straight Bars (Ft. Mark Deez, Powder, Main Flow, and Nato Caliph)3:29
11You Don't Want (Ft. Ripshop)3:42
12Ready For War (Ft. The Grindhouse Gang)3:19
13Rap Thugs (Ft. Infinito 2017)3:31
14Wild Wild East (Ft. Awkword, Castro of Lost Souls, and Block Mc.Cloud)3:56
15The End (Instrumental)4:07

1Destiny (intro)
2Verbal Abyss feat. Ill Bill, Mark Deez, Dr. Ill, Venom, and Powder
3Underground feat. Krs-ONE, Ras Kass, Joell Ortiz and Kool G Rap
4Reunited feat. Strange Brew, and Bobby Brewski
5Book Of Shadows feat. Powder, Cruz DurrtyJada, Swann, Klive Kraven, Dr. Ill, and Mark Deez
6Burn In Hell feat. Passionate, Ghetto MC, Jukstapose, and Tug McRaw
7Combat Zone feat. Respect Tha God, Swann, Lord Willin, and Burnt MD
8Imperialism feat. Awkword, C-Rayz Walz, and Chief Kamachi
9Nefarious Apothecary feat. Son Of Saturn
10Warrior Society feat. Ghetto MC, Jukstapose, and Traum Diggs
11Thirsty Stylz 2010 feat. Thirstin Howl III, and Mic Stylz
12Organized Revolution feat. Lt. Mana, LA Dog, and Mister Misfit
13Innervasion feat. Son Of Saturn, Life Scientist, Amun Morb, and Unk?wn
14Savage Vendetta feat. Bigg Limn, Dchesron, Logik Locksmith, and Wichcraft
15Liquid Swordplay feat. Respect Tha God, Godilla, Lone Ninja, and Natural Profane
16Winners feat. Zeps, Reaver, and City
17Check The Perspective feat. EQ, Reef The Lost Cauze, Planet Asia, and Block McCloud
18No Money Down feat. M-Dot
19Dedication feat. Mark Deez
20Destiny (instrumental)

SavageCD | Digital2010Ukjent
1Lyrical Apocalypse feat. Chino XL, Mark Deez, and Perseverance
2Brutes & Savages feat. Dr. Ill, Klive Kraven, Powder, Phes One (Clokworx), and Celph Titled
3The World feat. Sha Stimuli, Viro The Virus, and Awkword
4Victory Cigar feat. Alltruisms, Lance Ambu, Verbal Kent, and Rusty Chain
5Hip Hop Will Never Die feat. The B-Boys
6Cluedo feat. Son Of Saturn
7Professional Assassins feat. Evil Intentions, and Rich Mahogany
8Operation Shutdown feat. Banish, and Aims
9Soldiers feat. Wordsworth, and Clepto
10The Blitz feat. Lt. Mana
11The Art Of Raw feat. Pryme Prolifik, Reakt20, SyckSyllables, and Kwote1
12Three The Hard Way feat. Ruste Juxx, Awkword, and Poison Pen
13Conspiracy Of Silence feat. Vinnie Paz, and Genocide
14Walking Wonderful feat. Infinito 2017
15Master Plan feat. The Pizdamen
16Death Trap feat. Absoulut Karnage, Fatha Death, Danegurous, and YedidYah Ben Sion
17Final Call Of The Barbarians (Dedication 2) feat. Masta Ace, Virtuoso, The Problemaddicts, and Edo G

Instrumentals 2Ukjent2011Ukjent
1Return Of The Fist
2Verbal Assault
3The Rap Game
4Dark Side
5Samuray Demons
6Organized Revolution
8The 100's To Wild
11Book Of Shadows
12Nefarious Apothecary
13No Money Down
14Thirsty Stylz 2011
15Classic Regulations
16Classic Regulations 2
17Wild Wild East
18Cyclone B
20Straight Bars
21The Beast
22You Don't Want
25All My Friends
26Verbal Abyss
27Ready For War
28The Four Seasons
29The End