Artist: Kamikazi

The good bad man EPUkjent?Ukjent
0kami - D er kaldt (prod by Spit f2:31
0Fuck theNew world o2:45
0Game over (prod3:55
0All in (prod by rud3:23
0Crunk (prod byTom 13:46
0I just wanna (prod by Rudb3:10
0Ain't Slippin (3:44

Why Go Left When I'm RightGratis Nedlasting2011Ukjent
1Why Go Left When I'm Right (prod. Xtatic)2:50
2Look To The Sky (Feat. Dreamon & Nillo Twist) (Prod. Dreamon)4:12
3I See U Shining (Feat. Marcus Only & Palabras) (Prod. Dreamon)2:39
4I Don't Give a Fuck (Prod. 21gramz)3:03
5Nique & Bumz Interlude0:28
6Do It Yaself (Feat. Avarice) (Prod. Nu RA)3:04
7Hiphop (Prod. Fred Fades)2:01
8Better Than The First Round (Feat. Mr. Brown & Marcus Only) (Prod. Shit Is Ruff)2:39
9Fake Smile (Prod. Xtatic)2:48
10Trondheims Finest Pt 2 (Feat. Bad Spit) (Prod. Spit Fetish)3:16
11The Good Bad Men (Feat. Palabras & Idd Aziz) (Prod. Leontin)3:07
12Paper Chase (Prod. Dreamon)1:14
13Need Kronerz (Feat. OnklP) (Prod. Tom12)2:08
14One More Dr├Žnk (Feat. Dreamon, Christina Scar, Lopez & Marcus Only)3:46